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Osaka is a fascinating city best known for its food, fun, bright lights, and bustling nightlife.  With relics from the past still standing, Osaka is a city where you can truly feel Japan’s rich culture and history. We invite you to take a dive inside the continuously evolving city where food will not only fill your belly, but your heart as well.  

Summer in Osaka offers warm, mild temperatures ranging from 68 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season begins mid to end of the month.  It is highly recommended to bring a lightweight, waterproof jacket while traveling.  In general, lightweight, breathable clothing is best for warm weather.    

The currency of Japan is yen (¥/JP¥/JPY).  Although train tickets, taxis and most services at the airport can be paid for with international credit cards, it is recommended to have cash on hand.   ATMs are available at convenience stores and post offices for many international cards.  Currency can be exchanged at the airport, major banks, hotels, and World Currency Shops.  Currency exchange rate can be viewed here.

Power Outlets
Japan uses Type A and Type B power outlets at 100V and 60Hz.  You are encouraged to travel with an adaptor.  Additional information about power can be found here.  

Tipping in Japan is not practiced, regardless of how elevated the customer service is.  If you are visiting cafes, bars, restaurants, taking taxis or staying at a hotel – attempts to leave a tip will almost certainly be turned down.  

Emergency Service Numbers
Police: 110
Fire/Ambulance: 119
Marine Accident: 118

In addition to the above emergency numbers, the following websites provide useful safety information:
Medical Assistance
Customs and Manners

Top 5 Can’t Miss Osaka Spots: 
Cup Noodles Museum: Learn about the invention of world’s first instant noodles and how it became a global food.  Make Chicken Ramen by hand or stop at the My Cup Noodles Factory to create your own original cup of noodles by selecting your favorite soup and toppings.  (33.4 km/ 45 min drive from ATC Hall)

Dotonbori District: Famous for the bright, extravagant, neon lights featuring the Glico and Kani Douraku billboards, be sure not to miss the nightlife in this tourist destination. Dotonbori features the Osaka Shochikuza Theater to watch the performing arts, bars, cruises up the Dotonbori River, takoyaki (fried tempura octopus), kushikatsu (deep fried meat and vegetables), ramen and other delicious delicacies to fully enjoy the Osaka food culture.  (15.2 km/30 min drive from ATC Hall)

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan : Home to over 30,000 organisms from 620 species, the Osaka Aquarium is one world’s largest aquariums.  Kaiyukan’ s centerpiece is a massive tank large enough to accommodate a whale shark! Anticipate about 3 hours to enjoy the wildlife from the Pacific Ring of Fire and surrounding regions. Advanced tickets are recommended. (3.5 km/ 7 min drive from ATC Hall)

Osaka Castle: Boasting more than 2.5 million visitors each year, this famous castle was originally built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi and completed in 1597.  As one of Japan’s historical sites, the interior of the castle tower is a museum displaying a variety of cultural exhibits.  From the exterior observation deck, the entire city area of Osaka can be viewed.  (13.5 km/30 min drive from ATC Hall)

Universal Studios Japan: Experience the world of entertainment with thrilling rides, shows, and distinct worlds like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Super Nintendo World and Minon Park!  Appealing to children and adults of all ages, Universal Studios Japan is the first Universal Studios to be built outside of North America, and one of the most visited theme parks in the world.  (10.2 km/22 min drive from ATC Hall)

Discover Osaka by Guided Tour: 
Cycle Tours: Find the best hidden places with local introduction.  Cycle Osaka offers award winning bike, food, and drink experiences.  Half day, full day, private and night tours are offered.  Advanced reservations are required.  

Deep Experience Tours: Offering engaging guided tours on history, culture, entertainment, sports and more, Deep Experience Tours offers glimpses into the real Osaka.  Tours can be booked in advance, however, be sure to also take advantage of their last minute deals.  

Osaka Duck Tours: Enjoy cruising on land and water in Japan’s first amphibious sight-seeing bus.  Tours take passengers through historic Uemachi-Suji Avenue, offering a view of Osaka Castle, and Sakuranomiya Park (famous for cherry blossoms), before splashing into the Okawa River, "swimming" across and landing on the opposite bank.  The tour lasts about 75 minutes.

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